Now available e-cigarettes in the USA – the new alternative to smoking

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Ecigarette

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If you are a current smoker, you are most likely bombarded with messages to quit and the effects of smoking on your health. In addition, there is now a new social stigma of having to smoke outdoors in public areas. These messages come from friends, family members, online TV ads and even strangers that seem to give you a dirty look each time you light up.

A new choice for your health

As a smoker if you are concerned about your health but still enjoy the smoking sensation, you should look into the availability of the e-cigarette in the USA. The e-cigarette looks the same, and even feels the same way an actual cigarette feels. The difference being that there is no nicotine and it runs on a battery. When fully charged your e-cigarette cartridge usually lasts the same amount of time as 8 to 10 regular cigarettes.

Since there is no nicotine found in E-cigarettes in the USA smokers are able to avoid the health effects associated with the substance. Some of the health problems smoker can avoid include heart disease, lung cancer and other serious illnesses. Another benefit to smoking an e-cigarette in the USA is that there is no second hand smoke exposure to those around you. The e-cigarettes release water vapor which won’t harm any of your loved ones or those you socialize with.

An additional benefit is that e-cigarette in the USA widely available and accepted. Part of being a smoker is having to excuse yourself to designated areas or to an outside space when you would like to smoke. This means removing yourself from a party, gathering or other event. With e-cigarette you do not have to leave. Since there is no nicotine or second hand smoke you are not offending those around you any odors or obnoxious smoke.
Imaging being in a restaurant enjoying dinner conversation and not having to excuse yourself to smoke; simply use your e-cigarette and stay to enjoy the discussion.

Since you can find e-cigarettes in the USA and you are a smoker this is a wise choice and investment for you to make. Not just for your health but within your social situations as well. In addition, if you want to quit smoking, you will find these are an excellent way to do so with the many nicotine free options available.

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