Objectives of Having a Book Bank in India

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Charitable Trust

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Literacy rate in third-world countries is always lower in comparison to that of first-world countries. Poverty is one of the biggest reasons why many people are unable to educate themselves and cannot send their children to school. While there is no alternative to formal education, NGOs are coming up with alternative options to provide education to these children. Having a book bank India is one of the ways to intrigue interest in the minds of these kids and urges them to get educated. No one has to spend a penny to get books from the book bank and can easily lay hands on any book that they want. Having a book bank in every other locality is one of the finest ways to spread literacy amongst the underprivileged.

The primary objective of having a book bank is to improve literacy. Even if one kid comes in, others will be encouraged to see him. This is the basic difference between a book bank India and a library. No one has to pay a hefty amount of fine if the book gets torn. Moreover, a book bank is always open for everyone and motivates others to come forward and donate books. A child not only gets introduced to various books at the book bank but also understands the importance of art and culture in society. Some NGOs walk the extra mile to arrange documentary shows at the book banks.

To increase global literacy, having a book bank India is mandatory. There can be nothing better than a community coming together to help the underprivileged read and write.