Obtaining Benefits under the Disability Law – Bedford PA Legal Services and How They Can Help You Win Your Case

by | Dec 26, 2012 | Law

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Applying for Social Security Disability benefits and winning the claim or making a successful appeal in case the initial claim has been denied can be really stressful. If you live in Bedford and you need to make such a claim under the Disability Law, Bedford PA services can help you win your case and obtain the benefits you are entitled to.

Disability lawyers can assist you during the different phases of the application or the appeal process, each phase being equally important for the final approval:

Doing the paperwork for you. When filing your claim, you must be aware that only every third applicant gets approved in the first round, and applicants have to wait at least 3 or 4 months before receiving any decision. In such conditions, it is essential that your claim be complete and well-documented from the very beginning, and this is one of the areas in which disability law Bedford PA firms can help you. By having a good attorney by your side, you can make sure your claim will not be denied because you have not submitted all the documents necessary or because the forms contain an error.

Handling appeals if your initial claim has been denied. If your initial claim has been denied by the Administrative Law Judge – as is the case with the majority of the claims filed – your attorney can help by examining the decision of the Judge. Sometimes it is enough to file the appeal in the correct form, complete with all the required details, while other cases require more specialized legal knowledge.

The appeal must contain updated information about the claimant’s actual medical condition, and the updated medical records will need to be presented in an unemotional, professional manner during the hearing. Professional disability law Bedford PA services will prepare the appeal having in mind all the regulations and all the latest court decisions made by Administrative Law Judges in cases similar to yours, and they will fight for your rights in front of an Appeal Court as well.

Assisting you with your disability hearing. Having a disability representative with you at your hearing is recommended even if you have not for a lawyer’s services for filing your claims. As the second phases of the appeal, these hearings offer the claimants a great opportunity to get their claim approved. disability law Bedford PA attorneys can help you at the hearing by preparing your case and by arguing it skillfully and convincingly, so their presence is highly recommended.

Applying for the services of a legal representative can help you win your case and obtain the benefits you are claiming. Having such a lawyer by your side will make sure your claims are filed by the deadline and in the form stipulated by the law, with all the necessary documents and information included, and, last but not least, that your case will be argued efficiently, leading to the approval of your claim or your appeal.

Disability Law Bedford PA – If you need legal assistance with your Social Security claim under the disability law, Bedford PA attorney J. Kirk Kling can help you. He has over 20 years of practice experience.