Off-Site Storage Solution for Office Document in Houston Texas Wins

Many office documents are not ready for disposal immediately after use. Some have very long lifespans. All business need document storage, either physical or digital. Your question may be, where is an ideal storage location until they can be disposed of?

Unfortunately, self-storage units and in-house storage for your office document in Houston, Texas is not a recommended solution. Using off-site storage for office documents is the best solution, for all business.

Protection from Disaster

What would happen in the event of an unexpected disaster which destroyed all your office documents? Would your organization have the ability to continue servicing their patients or customers? Many times, office documents are stored in basements which can become leaky or moldy with in-house storage.

Also, with self-storage units, protection from disaster is inferior. Most are built using cheap, substandard material and quickly constructed. Boxes and documents alike are negatively impacted due to extreme weather conditions because of this. Doors on these units allow for the entry of moisture which leads to mold growth as well.

Storing any office document in Houston, Texas with a data center is an absolute contrast with off-site storage. They have strict building standards, fire protections and an ability to withstand the most extreme weather. This allows for the utmost protection for all office documents.


You may be under the mistaken believe that storing documents on-site save money. This is false. Due to the costs of space, labor to maintain, and equipment, it can be expensive to use onsite storage or self-storage units. However, it is only a fraction of the cost to store office documents with an off-site data center.

Your organization office documents can be stored for only a couple of dollars a month with a professional storage center. Space you use is all your organization pays for.


Patient or customer records deserve the greatest protection possible. In-house or self-storage units are unable to provide the same level of security as off-site data centers. These centers are equipped with internal and external monitoring 24/7, ensuring the protection of all your important documents.

Off-site storage of any office document in Houston, Texas outdoes on-site storage on every level.

All organizations require office document storing. Off-site storage is the best solution anytime. For more information, please contact Midcon Data Services, or call 405-478-1234.

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