One Dedicated Brain Injury Lawyer Will Fight for Your Compensation Benefits

Every year, scores of people are involved in an accident or loud explosion that can lead to the development of a serious brain injury. This is a common injury suffered by soldiers in the military who are exposed to a loud explosion. Football players and automobile accident victims are also at a greater risk of suffering from this kind of brain trauma. One dedicated Chicago brain injury lawyer will fight for your eligible compensation benefits.

A Brain Injury May Not Be Noticeable Right Away

A brain injury caused by some type of loud explosion or a traumatic head injury event may not be readily noticed even during a professional medical exam. Violent shaking or blows to the head over time can cause the brain to shift inside of the skull causing brain swelling and injury to the brain tissue itself. These injuries need to be treated by a qualified brain injury doctor.

Signs & Symptoms of a Brain Injury

Some patients have noticeable changes in their mood and personality after suffering a brain injury. This may show up as intense anger outbursts, bouts of depression and crying or serious underlying anxiety of no known cause. This is why a traumatic brain injury is often not diagnosed for long periods of time.

Get Medical Proof

To prove a brain injury for obtaining legal compensation benefits, the patient should be evaluated by a specialized brain injury physician according to a knowledgeable Chicago brain injury lawyer. Contact Shea Law Group today.

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