Options for Installing a New Air Conditioning System in an Older Home

Installing an AC system in new construction is as easy as including it in the design plans. When it comes to older homes, though, the project can get a little trickier. Here are three options for installing a new air conditioning system in an older home.

Homes with No Duct Work

If your home has never been set up to run central air conditioning, such as those that rely on window units or ceiling fans, you most likely do not have any duct work. Your AC installation in St Louis will be quite extensive. The project will include making room for duct work in the ceilings and finding a place for the equipment.

Homes with Existing Duct Work

If your older home does have duct work, part of all of it may need to be replaced. Reasons for replacing the duct work are to remedy any damage and ensure that the duct work is sized for your new AC unit.

Homes with Existing Heating Systems

Most older homes have some type of heating system, whether it is radiators, fireplaces, or boilers. The AC installation for your older home includes combining the two systems to the degree necessary to ensure that all of the heating and cooling equipment works as designed and maintains proper temperatures throughout the home.

Learn More About AC Installation in St Louis

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