Ordering Heat Press Transfers

Ordering custom designed transfers for t-shirts, totes, and other items is not difficult when you work with professionals. You can bring your own design or work with our on-staff professionals to create a stunning original design for your custom order, whether it is for your business, club, or a special event such as a family reunion. There are some tips and tricks to getting the best look for your money and getting a design that can generally outlast the shirt that it is printed on.

  • Figure out how many items you will need and in what sizes.
  • Think about the size of the design relative to the item. If you are using clothing for your heat transfers, you will want to resize the design relative to the clothing so that it takes up the same amount of area for each size.
  • Ask your shop about their sheet sizes and how many designs can fit per sheet.
  • Ask about minimum order sizes.
  • Remember, the more colors in your design, the more you are going to pay per sheet.
  • Get the print specifications for your artwork and find out the best format to submit it in.
  • For continuous large orders, you may want to look into investing in your own heat press so you can create your items on site and then when needed, order more transfers.

Heat press transfers are a great way to commemorate an event, advertise your business, or give a unique look to your team or club. They also make for a great business, allowing your store to offer a custom made item upon request without having to stock numerous premade t-shirts, tote bags, or jackets that if not purchased, are wasted. Get in touch with a professional company so you can create and have a design to be proud of!

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