Outsourcing harvestor Transmission Assembly

The manufacturing of heavy equipment and components for agricultural use requires the company to have the equipment, expertise, and workforce to be able to meet both the industry standards as well as the volume of orders.

Finding a company to outsource harvestor transmission assembly is a cost-saving decision for many OEMs. With efficient supply chains in place, outsourcing can significantly save money for the agricultural or heavy equipment OEM, even when using a manufacturer located overseas.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

For the OEM, outsourcing harvestor transmission assembly means reducing the amount of in-house manufacturing and assembly required. Specialized companies can complete the transmission assembly in their facilities.

This eliminates the need for the OEM to add to their workforce or to invest in equipment and systems. It also eliminates the need to develop assembly processes to the necessary standards. They can rely on their outsourcing partner to maintain all tests and quality control to their specific standards.

Testing and Quality Assurance

In addition to saving on production costs for the OEM, using a qualified outsourced company for harvestor transmission assembly includes full testing and quality assurance on the transmissions. The OEM can stipulate the testing, quality control measures, and even the certifications the outsourcing company must maintain.

Outsourcing of specialized parts and components in any type of manufacturing has become an industry trend. The benefits of this collaboration allow the outsourcing companies to specialize in particular types of fabrication and assembly, providing a higher quality component than the OEM could produce in-house.

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