Pain Management Therapy Using Stem Cells in OKC

Chronic pain is suffered by many and prevents people from performing various functions throughout the day. Doctors and researchers have long believed that the individual body can repair itself using bone marrow. Doctors are already applying Stem Cell in OKC therapies with proven results. Patients are healing without resorting to surgery. The use of stem cells to help with chronic pain is becoming a more popular alternative to surgical procedures. Applying the knowledge that doctors already know about the human body, the use of stem cells produced in the bone marrow can help to regenerate damaged tissue and promote the bodies natural healing process. The use of healthy bone marrow collected from adult donors then re-injected into the damaged area has offered many who suffer chronic pain relief. The collection method is done the same way as a bone marrow transplant for a cancer patient. Bone marrow transplants are one of the most commonly used forms of Stem Cell in OKC therapies. Bone marrow continuously produces healthy red blood cells; harvesting these cells before they are released into the bloodstream provides the purest form of someone’s own DNA. The use of someone’s bone marrow minimizes the risk that the body will reject the stem cells. Those suffering chronic knee pain who received Stem Cell in OKC therapy showed an improvement of 52% 12-18 months out. That number increased to 68% within two years after the procedure. Patients want to avoid surgery to relieve chronic pain in their knees and back because the rehabilitation and recovery time is lengthy. Alternative therapies to reduce pain and minimize time spent in recovery has more and more people looking to different therapy options for an answer.As more research and funding have been approved to move forward, many practitioners are offering this method for pain management. Patients who are wanting to discuss all of their options for relief can consult with doctors and see if the use of stem cells can be right for them. Doctors are also turning to this method more often to help patients reduce the risk of infections or other surgical complications. Those who are looking for an alternative to traditional surgery should Visit Website for more information and to schedule a consultation with a doctor.

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