Perfect Straight Teeth By a Dentist in Beverly Hills

Dentist Beverly Hills is here to help you achieve perfectly straight teeth and a perfect smile. First impressions matter and your smile is one of the first things people notice and remember. Everyone wants to feel confident at work and in their personal lives. A painless visit to the dentist to have braces fitted is the first step to a perfect smile for the future.

Braces fitted by a dentist in Beverly Hills will help to align your teeth so there are no more spaces; they will also help straighten an overbite which often causes problems when eating. Poorly aligned teeth can cause headaches when there is extra pressure on your gums and jaw bones. When your teeth are straight and spaced properly it is easier to have a clean and healthy mouth.

Many people are afraid that the fitting and wearing of braces cause a lot of pain. At the Dentist in Beverly Hills we take care to explain what we are doing and how to look after your braces. Your dentist will adjust your braces every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure a perfect fit and to ensure the teeth are being moved as expected.

Whilst your braces are being adjusted, the bands and wire are removed and the dentist will check on your teeth and give you a chance to floss and brush them. The wire is then replaced and new rubber bands or elastic ligatures are put back on. The pressure may be a bit uncomfortable at first; this is because your teeth are moving. This pressure will subside quickly and on future visits to your Dentist Beverly Hills the pressure will be less noticeable. Sometimes the effects of eating can cause a wire to move, if this should happen just visit your dentist quickly and they will clip it away.

If you are getting braces for the first time your teeth may feel a lot heavier and your mouth may feel a bit uncomfortable for the first few days. It also may take a few days before you can eat properly but don┬┤t worry you will adjust quickly. For some people it may take longer but this is down to bone and tissue breaking down and re-growing again in a new place. You will quickly get used to the feel of the braces it always helps to remember that the end result will be a perfect smile.

There are many different kinds of braces and they have different prices. The decision on which will be right for you will be made when you speak with your Dentist in Beverly Hills.

Looking after your teeth will improve your self-esteem and ensure you have a great smile. Arrange for a visit at Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics today and let one of the very few dentists in the world who are accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry discuss with you your dental goals and expectations.

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