Personal Injury Attorneys in Tucson Help Victims Determine Who Is Liable for their Injuries

Most car accidents are relatively clear-cut. In most cases, the accident is caused by the driver of one of the vehicles. In single-car accidents, the driver of the vehicle is typically at fault for their own accident. However, there could be someone else who is liable for the accident, and personal injury attorneys in Tucson can help the driver find out if this is the case for them.

When Would Someone Other Than the Driver be Liable?

The driver of the vehicle is the one who is in control of the vehicle and who is responsible for what the vehicle does. However, there are cases where drivers end up involved in accidents even if they do everything right. One example of this is where the driver had their tires rotated but the tires were not put back on properly. While driving, the tire can actually work loose and come off the vehicle, causing an accident. In this example, the business that provided the tire rotation service may be at fault.

Obtaining Evidence of Who Is Liable for the Accident

Evidence of why the accident occurred will help determine who is liable for the accident. If the victim of an accident believes the accident was caused by someone else’s actions, they will want to speak with a lawyer about what caused the accident. The lawyer can help them determine if someone else could be liable and if the victim can obtain compensation for their injuries based on someone else’s negligence.

Obtaining Compensation for the Victim in the Accident

If someone else is responsible for the accident, the victim may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries. This can include medical bills, car repair bills, lost wages, and any other expenses from the accident. The victim’s lawyer will work to prove the other party was responsible for the accident and, therefore, should provide compensation to the victim of the accident.

If you’ve been injured in a single-car accident but you were not at fault for the accident, personal injury attorneys in Tucson may be able to help you prove that someone else was at fault and should provide compensation for your injuries. Visit us website now to learn more or to find a lawyer to help you.

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