Personal Injury Protection Lawyer Winter Park FL

Pay-outs on insurance claims against personal injury can often be delayed for a variety of reasons. When you have medical and household bills to pay, a delay in your rightful insurance payment can lead to the financial stress that you don’t need. An attorney who specializes in personal injury claims might be able to break through the red tape holding up your payment.

Filing a Claim

Keep in mind that from the time of injury, there are deadlines for filing that must be met. For example, if you have sustained a personal injury in a car accident, you need to report the incident immediately and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. In Florida, personal injury claims will be dismissed if filed after four years. Also, it is suggested that the injured party not sign any releases from the insurance company that do not adequately compensate for the injury.

Knowing When You Need an Attorney

Having the right advocate on your side during an insurance claim process requires that you get more information from an attorney who specializes in personal injury. Such specialists help to ensure that all timelines are met. Further, they can help you navigate any settlements offered so that you are paid fairly and completely for your injury.

Get More Information Today

Making contact in a timely manner with a personal injury claim advocate could mean a smoother claims process. Please contact Florida Advocates at if you are in need of a personal injury protection lawyer Winter Park FL.

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