Picking the Perfect Body Jewelry

Body piercings and body jewelry can be cute and fun, but they also are deeply personal. They make a statement, and you want your jewelry to speak to those around you. You also want to have some jewelry pieces that are perfect for a professional environment. Here is how you can pick out the perfect body jewelry.

Know Your Style

The first step to picking out the right jewelry for you is to know your style. Do you like heavy bling, or prefer something understated? Do you want to show off your favorite cartoon character, or just want something simple?

Colors are another part of your style. You can get your jewelry in more than just silver or gold. You could get blue, pink, orange, and a myriad of other colors.

Ready for Work

While you may love jewelry that makes a statement, your employer may not. You need to pick out a few pieces that are low key to wear for your visible piercings. Many employers have no issue with piercings, as long as you are not wearing garish jewelry.

How to Grow

If you want to grow your piercing whole, then you need to get jewelry in increasing gauges. You want to slowly grow your holes, so only go up one gauge at a time. Most people choose the classic circle shaped jewelry for their ear piercings, but you can grow out other piercings as well. A skilled piercing artist can assist you in picking out the right sizes to achieve your goals.

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