Places to Stay Near Rocky Mountain National Park

Anyone who wants to enjoy their time at Rocky Mountain National Park will also want a nice comfortable hotel to rest in nearby. Rocky Mountain National Park has plenty of fun activities to do so it will be important to make sure you get enough rest and relaxation to recharge in between your fun! Whether you are visiting the park for the hiking or simply for the view, you may find it challenging to decide which hotel is the best one to accommodate you during your stay. Hopefully, the following tips will be able to assist you better in making that important decision.


Even though the park is opened year-round, the changes in season are very drastic. Summer is the busiest time of the year at Rocky Mountain National Park; therefore many of the facilities will fill up months in advance. As a result, if you are looking for the best quality lodging and hotels near Rocky Mountain National Park, it is important to plan ahead so you can avoid any frustrations when it comes time to go.

Lodges and Camping

You have several options available regardless of the time of year. Camping is the most popular option for visitors in the summer; however some prefer to stay in hotels near Rocky Mountain National Park so they can take nice hot showers and have a warm place to sleep. Fortunately, Grand Lake has a small village for people to stay in, but with accommodations this great, you would have to book several months, if not a year, in advance. There may however be more options for lodging in the late summer and early fall; just be sure to call ahead first before making any official plans.

Whether you are looking for a hotel, cabin, or campground to stay in, Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce will help you locate the perfect spot! This way you can enjoy your trip fully knowing you will be staying in the best possible hotel or campground nearby.

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