Plan Your Next Party Like a Pro

Pull together a stellar birthday party, backyard celebration or charity event in no time at all with easy, quality rentals and supplies from Crazy Tuna. We have lived in and been involved in the community for nearly two decades, boasting an inventory that includes everything you need to stage a memorable event, from concessions to bouncy houses and chairs.

Treat Guests to Comfortable, Convenient Seating

If you do nothing else when giving a party, make sure you don’t run out of food or chairs. Crazy Tuna is your proud source of party chair rentals in Riverside. We feature a basic selection of highly durable chairs for adults and children.

Chairs are foldable for easier storage and transport if you require them for multiple events over the course of several days.

Foldable chairs easily arrange for any setup, such as a birthday or a celebration. You can position them in linear rows, fan them out or set them on risers to mimic impromptu theatrical seating. Our chairs are white to complement any color theme. They are made of plastic or resin, two lightweight yet sturdy materials that stand up to all sorts of private and corporate event applications.

More Than Just Chairs

Although we offer party chair rentals in Riverside, we also supply everything else you require to make your event stellar, exciting and easy to host. Peruse our selection of Piñata stands, fun jumpers and bouncy houses that keep kids occupied and entertained during backyard birthdays or mini carnivals.

Our selection of concessions equipment lets you incorporate theme park eats into your event, such as cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn and hot dogs. Equipped with our corresponding collection of popcorn kernels, bags, cups, chafing dishes and coffee dispensers, you can craft unique party goody stations to keep guests, happy and celebrating.

Explore Crazy Tuna today for easy-to-use, efficient options that can take the headache out of planning your next big or small shindig.

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