Planning a Legally Valid Estate with Living Wills in Bel Air, MD

The time to write a living will is always now. No adult is ever too young or old to decide what should happen to their estate in death. No one is promised tomorrow, and the risk of an estate being mishandled without the guidance of a will is high. Michael S. Birch, attorney at law, provides legal assistance for drafting a will, contesting living wills in Bel Air, MD, and becoming a legal guardian for someone who is not in a position to make important life decisions. Bitter family feuds that damage relationships are a prevalent occurrence with disputes over who gets valuable assets of a deceased relative with no will. Those who would be leaving loved and dependent family members behind in death should seriously think about stipulating their estate. Major topics to think about are who will raise dependent children and the beneficiaries of financial assets, family heirlooms, and a home.

The validity of a will goes into question when testamentary capacity is challenged. When psychological competence is impaired, the testator may have never been in the position to write a will without close guidance. First, a person writing a will must know what it is meant for and be aware of the quantity and value of personal assets. The mind must be able to think rationally. Health conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s can hinder that ability. A will can be contested if proof of mental incompetence can be obtained by medical reports. A lawyer can help build a case to contest living wills in Bel Air, MD, with a detailed explanation of the reason to challenge the estate. It can be hard to get authorization to redraft a will, so utilizing the skills of a lawyer is of critical importance.

A will must be signed in the presence of at least one witness. The executor of a will must be a person who is legally qualified to put a will into effect. Even if an estate lawyer does not help to write a will, it’s best to have one review the will to make sure it is valid. Estate planning secures the assets of deceased family members into an inheritance by chosen beneficiaries. Without one, valued family assets can be put in the wrong hands or even taken by the state. Visit this website to learn how to begin estate planning.

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