Popular Types Of Siding Materials For Houses in Oklahoma City

Siding is a popular home exterior option because it’s both durable and cost effective. When you need, siding materials for houses in Oklahoma City professionals can install the type of siding that meets your specific requirements. Below you’ll learn information about the various types of siding available.


This type of siding is available in various colors and it’s a popular choice because of its low maintenance, affordability and energy efficiency. For even greater energy savings, homeowners can choose insulated vinyl siding over the traditional kind. Insulated siding will cost more up front, but it can save the homeowner more money each month when paying the utility bill. Vinyl siding is not attractive to insects, so there’s no chance of it rotting. If a section of siding becomes cracked or broken, it’s an easy fix for the homeowner to replace the damaged piece.


Individuals who prefer the natural look of wood can choose from various types of wood siding including cedar shakes, rectangular planks, and clapboard. This type of wood siding can be painted or stained in any color, so the possibilities and color schemes are endless. Wood siding is environmentally safe because it’s biodegradable and renewable. Homeowners who choose wood siding must be diligent with their maintenance, as this type of siding must be painted or sealed every few years to keep it from degrading.

Fiber Cement

This siding is made out of a variety of substances including sand and cardboard fibers. It’s extremely durable in bad weather conditions, especially strong winds, rain, and hail. The components used to make fiber cement siding are very resistant to fire. For those who like the natural look of wood, but don’t want the maintenance required with wood, they can choose fiber cement siding that looks like wood. This style of siding is available in multiple colors, and it can also be painted any color.

When you’re ready for Siding Materials For Houses in Oklahoma City professionals can install the siding of your choice. Contact J & M Roofing Company for a free estimate for residential or commercial roofing services. This family owned and operated company also offers siding and gutter services to their customers.

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