Pre-Move Use Of Moving Company Storage Facilities In Charlotte, NC

It is not uncommon for a homeowner to use a storage facility during the move. This is often the case when they are moving out of their current home, and the new home is not yet ready.

The homeowner can use the moving company, either a local or a long-distance mover, to simply keep their household items safe and in one of their secured storage facilities.

However, even before the move, it is easy for a Charlotte, NC homeowner to take advantage of the security offered by the top moving companies and their storage facilities. Keeping items previously stored at the mover’s facility makes it easy to arrange for move out day and to have all of the possessions transported to the new residence at the same time.


Most Realtors now work with homeowners to complete decluttering of the home before it goes on the market. This includes getting rid of excess furniture and items and removing them from the home.

By using the moving company’s secure storage facilities, these valuable or sentimental items can be safely stored in a climate controlled, well maintained and monitored storage vault. They can also be insured, taking all the worry and stress out of the process.

Storage for Sale or Charities

In some cases, homeowners may want to plan a sale, to give items away to family members or to even make a donation to charity before the move. By storing these items in a secure storage building, the movers can pack, store and move the items where you need them to go.

In Charlotte, NC, talk to your moving company about any storage needs, both large and small, at any time during the pre-move time period. These companies can provide cost-effective storage solutions with a company you can trust.

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