Preparation Steps Before Professional Bed Bug Treatment in Woodstock

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in substantially reduced travel. That, in turn, decreased bed bug infestations in the residential setting. These invasions commonly occur when household residents inadvertently pick up bugs while staying at a lodging establishment. The critters ride long distances on luggage and clothing. Providers of professional bed bug treatment in Woodstock can expect to become busier as area residents increase their traveling activities.

Relevant Statistics

A report from the New York Times says that bed bug infestations increased by 4,500% worldwide in the early 21st century. The United States has not been spared from this widespread problem, which some refer to as a plague. Although the insects don’t transmit diseases, they cause considerable discomfort due to skin irritation and the compulsion to scratch affected areas. Excessive scratching can result in infections.

Preparation Steps

Technicians providing professional bed bug treatment in Woodstock typically instruct customers about preparation steps to take before pest control service begins. Following the directions improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the service.

For example, the household is usually advised to remove all bed linens and wash them in hot water. That kills the bugs. Adding white vinegar or bleach to the wash also kills bed bugs. Afterward, drying the linens for 30 minutes in the clothes dryer on high heat is also recommended. Unfortunately, spraying vinegar around the bedroom is ineffective because so many insects are hiding where the solution won’t reach.

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