Preparing For Dental Surgery

If you need to have dental surgery in Harrisonburg VA, it helps to plan ahead so you can minimize stress as the surgery nears, and be prepared for what will come afterward. These are a few tips to prepare you for your surgical procedure.

Schedule an appointment with your dental surgeon, and come prepared with a list of questions or topics you want to discuss in advance of the surgery. Some questions you may want to ask include whether you will require any medications after the procedure, what types of medications are available, what the procedure is like before, during, and after your dental surgery, sedation options, and typical side effects or recovery obstacles that other patients have experienced. Having an in-depth discussion with your dentist in advance can help alleviate fears and concerns that often come with surgical procedures.

Make arrangements for post-surgical transportation and care. Recruit a family member or friend who can be there during the dental surgery in Harrisonburg VA, and transport you home after it is over. You may not feel up to driving yourself home, or if you have been heavily sedated you may not be physically able to do so. Make arrangements for pets and children to be cared for on the day of your surgery as well.

Discuss with your dentist whether your dental surgery in Harrisonburg VA will require intravenous anesthetic, local anesthetic, or other sedation, and what your diet should be like for 24-48 hours before the surgery. Remember to ask about eating and drinking (even water). If you are not having intravenous anesthetic, and you are only having a local anesthetic, you should be able to eat and drink in advance of the procedure. Plan to have a light meal about 1-2 hour before the procedure. If you smoke, the dentist may recommend that you avoid smoking for at least 12 hours before the procedure and for at least 24 hours following the procedure.

When you arrive for the appointment, wear comfortable clothing and avoid items like jewelry or other accessories. Avoid wearing make-up as well as contact lenses, in case your eyes need to remain closed for an extended period of time.

You may not feel well following the procedure, so if you will require medication after the surgery, ask your dentist if you can get the prescription the day before to pick it up in advance. You may also have your friend or family member go to the pharmacy to pick it up while you are recovering from the procedure.

Having dental surgery in Harrisonburg VA does not need to be a stressful event. If you are prepared for the procedure, it can go smoothly and you can be back to your regular routine in no time.

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