Preparing For Movers In Plainfield, IL

The average American moves approximately once every five years of his or her adult life. Some people frequently move for work or school, while others may live their entire life in the first home they purchase in Plainfield, IL.

For most individuals and families, the first move is always the most challenging. It is often difficult to know what to expect and complicated to know when and how to prepare for moving day. Working with top moving companies like Jackson Moving & Storage makes it easy for everyone to plan and coordinate the move.

Early Packing

The last thing anyone should do is leave packing until a few days before the movers are scheduled to arrive. The good idea is to start packing up spare rooms, things in storage and even seasonal items as early as possible.

Designate a room or part of the garage in your Plainfield, IL, home, and store all your packed boxes. Make sure everything is packed, boxed, labeled and sealed at least a couple of days before the movers are to arrive. Just keep out the basics of what you need and have the boxes ready to pack this quickly the morning of the move date.

Use handy move preparation checklists that are available from the movers or through moving company websites. These ensure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

Moving Day

On moving day, and before the movers arrive, look through each room including cupboards, closets and storage areas. Additionally, check in all appliances left behind to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

Make sure all dogs, cats or other pets are crated or safely put out of the way. Pets can become very anxious during the move and bolt out a door, creating another challenge. Kids should be kept out of the areas where the moving crew is working to avoid any possible accidents.

Professional moving teams can complete the move quickly and efficiently. Being prepared for their arrival ensures the day goes smoothly.

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