Preparing for Winter? Make Sure to Clean Your RV Extension Cord

Wherever you choose to park your RV, the electricity from your home or a campground pedestal must reach your RV safely and efficiently. A dirty RV Extension Cord can cause electricity failure and you will probably waste too much time inspecting your fuse boxes and electrical items inside the RV before realizing it is your own cord that is failing. As winter arrives, you won’t want your electricity to fail when you need access to heating and hot coffee.

Regular Inspections Are Essential

Your RV Extension Cord is often your electrical lifeline to your RV. The difficulty is that your power cord is often standing unprotected to the many varying weather elements. As a stand-alone cord, they often get mistreated, thrown around and mostly, neglected.

While you will perform preventative maintenance on most of the parts that require regular servicing for your RV, the RV Extension Cord is often abandoned. You should inspect the entire extension cord to see if it has suffered any damage, completing this task when it is unattached, of course. Any cuts in the protective outer layer may have caused damage to the inside wiring. Where the inside wiring is still perfectly intact and undamaged, electrical tape can be used to repair the outside cord cover, but if you don’t want to take any chances, for just a few dollars, you can replace the extension cord and remain safe.

Check the Plug End

Inspecting the plug end is essential so that you can check whether the prongs are dirty, corroded or bent. Straightening the bent prongs is sometimes possible, but they may break and become completely unusable. You will need to invest in fine grit sandpaper to remove dirt, debris and corrosion from any of the plug ends.

After using your extension cord, the electricity supply should be turned off when you remove it from the socket. Good maintenance means that you should clean the power cord before you store it away before its next use.

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