Preventing and Controlling Mosquitos Near Your Home

Nobody appreciates stepping outside for a barbecue or a few laps in the pool only to find a cloud of mosquitos in the yard. Not only do these insects have a painful bite, they can also carry diseases which infect humans. This is why it’s crucial to control the mosquito population at your own home. We’ll offer a few tips on mosquito control in Maryland in this article.

Remove Standing Water

If you have standing water, you are also going to have mosquitos. Removing access to this water is one of the most important things you can do regarding mosquito control. To avoid this problem, inspect your outdoor faucets for pipes. You will also want to turn over any items that might collect water, such as trash can lids or buckets. For those who have water that cannot be removed, such as a pet’s water dish, make sure to keep the water fresh.

Incorporate Natural Repellants

There are dozens of options for repelling mosquitos using natural items you can get at any store or that you may already have in your home. Picking up and then using citronella torches or candles is a fantastic option, especially in areas where people gather. You can also string up yellow lighting, which mosquitos find less attractive than other lighting sources. Even a small fan can keep the insects from getting too close while you are enjoying the outdoors.

Chlorinate Your Swimming Pool

If you have a pool, hot tub, or sauna, using chlorine is a great way to keep the mosquitos away. You should also keep your pool covered anytime that it is not being used. For those who have smaller pools and fountains, just changing out the water every few days will do the trick. You want to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs in these places, and any of these remedies will help.

Bring in the Experts

If you have a true infestation of mosquitos, you may need the help of a professional. The experts will come out and take care of the infestation in an appropriate and safe way. If you are located in Maryland and need the help of an infestation expert, Viking Pest Control can help. We offer many insect management services and can provide you with a consultation for free.

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