Preventing Rodent Infestations in Crawl Spaces in Kent

When not regularly checked and maintained, Crawl Spaces in Kent can provide an easy entrance point for rodents to get into a residential home. Because they are frequently either unused, or used only for storage of items that are not regularly checked, these issues can go unnoticed until they become a full blown infestation. Rodents can infiltrate through the crawl space, then go on to wreak havoc on everything from insulation to heating and cooling ducts, leaving droppings and chew marks as they go. Particularly ambitious pests have even been known to cause damage to electrical wiring and plumbing if allowed enough time to do so.

The best way to avoid the serious concerns to both residents’ health and safety that these invaders cause is to prevent them from entering the home to begin with. For those who have left their crawl spaces unattended for prolonged periods, this may no longer be an option, and already existing rodent infestations may need to be dealt with prior to providing more adequate protection against further rodent assaults.

In addition to getting rid of any active pests, a pest control company can also evaluate the space, and find ways to make it less appealing to rodents looking to escape from the elements. This may involve removing any organic material, waterproofing the space, and filling in any gaps between doors, windows, or framing. Replacing poorly fitted vent covers may also be necessary, as they allow an entrance point into duct systems.

Rats and mice can squeeze themselves through remarkably small openings, so it’s important to be thorough. Spray foam is an effective way to fill in gaps, but mice can literally fit through a hole the size of a dime thanks to their soft cartilage, which makes effective preventative measures difficult for most homeowners to take on alone.

The most efficient way to deal with rodents in Crawl Spaces in Kent is to hire a pest removal company that can also provide preventative services. Existing rodent populations will have to be exterminated before any renovations can occur, but hiring the same company to perform all of this work will ensure that it gets done quickly so that residents can move on with their lives in a rodent-free home.

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