Problems Homeowners Face With A Water Leak In Tacoma

A water leak in the house can cause extensive damage and, for this reason, homeowners should contact a professional that specializes in the repair of a Water Leak in Tacoma. Not only can the leaking pipe cause damage to the home’s furnishings, it can damage the structure of the home too. In addition to home damage, a water leak can also be unhealthy for individuals who live in┬áthe home. Read the information below to learn more about the problems often caused by a leaky pipe.

Weakened Wood Structures

If the water leak is severe, and if it isn’t detected for quite some time, the water can soak through the flooring material and damage the wooden subfloor. Any type of structure inside the home that’s made of wood will quickly deteriorate when it’s exposed to water. Even a small amount of water can rot the wood if it has time to soak in. Weakened and rotting wood will decompose, and this can lead to many hazards in the home.

Ruined Furnishings

A water leak will quickly damage flooring materials including carpeting, linoleum, and hardwood. The entire floor will often need to be replaced after it’s soaked with water. Furniture can also become water damaged, which ruins the wood and the upholstery on the furniture. If the water seeps underneath appliances, it can cause them to stop working, and this is also an electrical hazard if the water gets into the electrical cord of the appliance.

Unhealthy Mold Growth

When there’s a water leak in the home and the water soaks into the flooring materials and walls, it’s not long before mold will begin to grow. It’s very unhealthy for individuals to live in a home with mold present. The mold releases spores into the air, and family members can easily breathe these spores into their lungs. This is especially dangerous for small children and individuals who have existing breathing conditions. At the first sign of a leaking pipe, homeowners should contact a company that specializes in the repair of a Water Leak in Tacoma.

Homeowners in and around Tacoma who discover they have a water leak can contact the professionals at Pat’s Plumbing. This experienced company provides various residential and commercial plumbing services including sewer cleaning, drain cleaning, gas line repair, and water filtration.

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