Professional Bio- Hazard Sanitation and Blood Cleansers

Dealing with a tragedy can be difficult enough. We’re here to alleviate some of the stresses involved with the clean up of blood and other Bio-Hazardous materials. We specialize in sanitation and disinfection of materials that have been in contact with blood, mold, and other bodily fluids.


Blood Cleanser in Oregon can be hazardous to your health, especially without the medical records of the individual who has spilled the blood. In addition to this, these fluids often penetrate down to the wood flooring, causing stains that are hard to remove without remediation. This is why contacting us to handle any blood spills is essential. Our team is thoroughly trained and utilizes industry-grade cleaning materials and techniques that effectively remove all fluids, no matter how deep. This ensures your flooring is fully restored to its previous condition. Our staff also follows the proper procedures to ensure the area is sanitized and exposure to dangerous contagions are eliminated.


No matter the circumstances of how you came to find a methamphetamine lab on your property, we are here to help clean it up. Meth labs as they are referred to, are notoriously dangerous. The labs often contain highly combustible materials in hap hazardous conditions that used to synthesize the narcotic. If a meth lab is found, you and any other individuals around the site should immediately vacate, and contact a professional clean up crew. If you’re in Oregon and in need of a vetted clean up crew, look no further than Bio Management Northwest.

Bio Management Northwest is comprised of experienced professionals who have seen it all. We rely heavily on experience to deliver a seamless and discrete cleanup service for any eventuality. Contact Bio Management if you need blood cleanser in Oregon or any other cleanup service. For more information,

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