Professional Heavy Haul Trucking in Atlanta, GA

Heavy haul trucking in Atlanta, GA, is a premium service. Unlike basic towing services, heavy hauling requires expensive reinforced equipment. Heavy hauling trucks are extremely powerful. They are equipped with reinforced axles and strong engines. The trucks must be able to pull tons of weight. If you have ever towed a small trailer, you will know that it causes wear and tear on your engine. It is very easy to ruin your transmission, engine, and other parts of your vehicle if it is not built to tow. Heavy hauling companies will do the heavy lifting for you.

Oversized Deliveries

Oversized and overweight deliveries require permits. Drivers are qualified and have obtained special licenses. Did you know each state has different towing requirements on the highway? One state may allow drivers to tow oversized deliveries on weekends while other states only allow oversized tows for a few hours on Saturdays. There are also laws restricting the time of day that oversized deliveries can be on the highway. For example, heavy hauling companies know when they are legally required to stop for the day whether it is based on miles traveled or sunset.

Other Restrictions

Oversized deliveries may require other safety components. For example, guide cars are required for wide loads. Pilot or escort cars are identified by lights and colors. They will ride in front and/or in the back of an oversized load to help manage surrounding traffic. The heavy towing company will know where guide cars are required and for which types of wide loads. They will also use safety flags on the four corners of the wide loads. Heavy haul trucking services in Atlanta GA, should only be performed by those that are licensed, insured, permitted, and educated on the towing restrictions.

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