Proper Care for Bahama Shutters in Florida

Bahama shutters in Florida can be a great option for any home. This type of shutter actually offers you two different uses, allowing you to make the most out of your investment. The main function of these shutters is to serve as an awning throughout the year to keep the sun out of your home and provide some shade. The second function is to cover your windows when a hurricane is approaching to prevent damage to your home. The proper function of these shutters relies on proper maintenance, though.

Use It Often

Some people allow their Bahama shutters to sit unless they need them. This can lead to problems with the gears when you attempt to close the shutters to protect your windows. Over time, the gears can rust and become stiff, causing the shutters to fail when you need them most. To prevent this, you should open and close the shutters at least every six months just to keep them moving so they work when you need them.


It is important to make sure you keep your Bahama shutters in Florida well lubricated to ensure they will run smoothly when you open and close them. Silicone or another light lubricant should be applied to any of the moving parts within your shutters to make sure they don’t bind up when you attempt to close the shutters. Check the moving components every season to determine if they require more lubrication.

Clean It

Proper cleaning of your Bahama shutters is essential. Over time, dirt, debris and especially sand can become lodged in the moving parts of the shutters. If this is allowed to remain, it can cause problems with the operation of the shutters when you try to move them from awning to hurricane shutters. Power washing the shutters can be a great way to remove this debris and free up the shutters to move easily.

Protecting your home from hurricane damage is essential when you live in Florida, especially along the coast. To ensure your Bahama shutters in Florida operate correctly when you need them, you need to move them at least twice a year to make sure they don’t freeze up on you. You should also lubricate the gears and other moving parts on a regular basis and keep the shutters as clean as possible to ensure they move properly when the threat of a hurricane is upon you.

To learn more about how to properly care for Bahama shutters in Florida, visit the West Coast Awnings website or call 1-727-447-3461.

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