Proper Tile And Grout Cleaning Methods

Tile is beautiful when maintained properly, but from time to time you’ll still need to call a tile cleaning Okemos MI professional to really make your tiled areas look great. Tile is often used in areas like kitchens and bathrooms where mold and mildew tend to grow, thanks to the high humidity and moisture levels in these areas. Keeping it clean is important to your family’s overall health, as mold can create significant health hazards if left to grow unchecked. There are many things professional tile cleaners recommend you do on a regular basis to keep your tile clean and free from problems, but to really make sure your tiled areas are as clean as they should be, don’t be afraid to call in a tile cleaning Okemos MI professional for help.

If possible, every day you should wipe your tile with a dry cloth to keep it free from dust and buildup. Whenever it gets wet, make sure you dry it right away, too. Then, every few days or at least once a week, you should clean it more thoroughly using either a commercial bathroom tile cleaner or a solution of bleach, water, and vinegar that you can spray on the tile and clean up with a sponge.

Keep an eye out for mold, which can appear especially in areas of high humidity. Bathrooms or other poorly ventilated areas especially are prone to mold growth, which will appear as dark or black spots on your tile and grout. Experts say that a relative humidity level of more than 55% promotes the growth of mold, so one thing you can do is check the humidity level in your house. If the level is high, you might want to try using a dehumidifier to take moisture from the air. This can significantly affect the growth of both mold and fungi, and it can be a good investment in your family’s health.

Another thing to watch for is mildew or musty smells. A musty odor can be the first sign of a problem with mold in your home. Another sign that mold is becoming an issue is if the people in your house have an increase in allergic or respiratory symptoms. This is a potentially serious health risk for your family, so if you see or notice signs that mold is becoming an issue in your tiled areas, it’s time to call in a tile cleaning Okemos MI professional for help to keep your family safe.

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