Protect Your Rights with a Product Liability Lawyer

Distributors and manufacturers have a legal obligation to provide you, the consumer, with products that are durable and safe and which remain compliant with all regulations and laws. If any precautions should be taken when using the product, such precautions must be clearly labelled and explained on the packaging so as to provide you with everything you need to remain safe and use the product to its fullest capabilities. If the manufacturer fails to do so in any capacity and this results in injury or illness due to a defect or malfunction in the product, you have the right to file a liability claim, and you will need a dedicated product liability lawyer on your side throughout this process.


When filing any claim with the aim of compensation in mind, you absolutely must hire legal representation because it will ensure that you receive the maximum amount from the company or persons responsible for your injury or illness. Visiting is the first step to getting started, as you will be able to look through your options and book a consultation to determine the validity of your claim. On average, individuals receive 30% more in compensation when they have a legal professional on their side, and this is because such professionals help you find additional compensation to claim such as lost wages, and are experienced in negotiation.


Filing a product liability claim is as much about receiving the monetary support you need to cover medical expenses and lost wages as it is about holding the liable party responsible for their negligence. If distributors and manufacturers are allowed to get away with the type of negligence which resulted in your unpleasant situation, there will be nothing to stop them from doing it again to another unsuspecting consumer. Therefore, a product liability lawyer is the person to call whenever you know that you must hold such a party liable for their actions and send a clear statement to all other companies that the law must be followed, for their sake as well as yours.

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