Purchase a New or Refurbished Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

It is the Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora that determines the height at which items will be lifted and lowered. The pressure is immense and can result in cracks, wear and tear, and snapping where the cylinder is connected to the rods that move up and down.

Repair, Refurbish or Replace?

Minor repairs, such as filling in cracks or re-welding the cylinder back together, can be done at a repair shop that focuses on hydraulic systems, welding, and custom fabrication. Bring the cylinder in, and it will be repaired and then tested on machinery designed to put the part through normal wear. If the repair holds up, the cylinder is all set to be put back into the machinery, equipment or vehicle. The process does not take long and it not expensive. Down time will be at a minimum and work on the project or the production line will be back up.

A refurbished cylinder is often a viable option when a repair will not solve the problem. The cylinder and the adjoining rods are cleaned thoroughly, any replacement parts are added, and the cylinder will operate as efficiently as a new one for an estimated time. This process saves money over a replacement, prolongs the life of the cylinder, and works better than a simple or make-shift repair. There is a risk involved. It is possible that the refurbished piece will not last as expected.

Going with a Replacement

Putting a refurbished Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora into machinery only to have it will not save any money or time. It will double any delays or down time and be more expensive than just purchasing a replacement in the first place. It is sometimes wiser to cut your losses and get a new cylinder. The question is how to make an informed decision.

Experienced Technicians

Finding a company that has been working with hydraulic components and systems for over two decades, such as Miller Hydraulic Service Inc, is a great start. Experienced technicians have the skills and capabilities to accurately assess these situations. Ask for options and recommendations. It is in their best interest to provide honest answers and help customers make an informed decision.

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