Pursuing AHA CPR Online Training

If you want the best training, you need American Heart Association CPR training. The American Heart Association is primarily the gold standard for CPR because, of course, CPR saves lives where the heart has misfired for whatever reason. The best of the best training is what they have sanctioned. Look for AHA CPR online training and you will know you have the latest techniques and the most successful methodology.

Why AHA CPR Online Training

The 12 million individuals who avail themselves of the AHA CPR online training do so because they realize that even a layperson can save a life with the training. This does not mean you can do the same thing as an EMT with ACLS training, but you can administer AHA CPR to keep a loved one alive until the EMT arrives. This is critical. The time frame is less than eight minutes before the brain is damaged or tissue starts to die.

Eighty-eight percent of cardiac arrest events take place in the home. This is the home where the spouse, parent or adult child has far more likelihood of being there than the EMT. That is why everyone needs AHA CPR online training. Ninety-two percent of heart attack victims die on the way to the hospital, but if the individual with them had known how to administer AHA CPR, the individual could have survived.

Jobs Requiring AHA CPR Online Training

The AHA CPR training gives instructions on how to give CPR to an adult or a child and how to give choking relief to a child or an adult. Even if you are not on the job, you can encounter many instances on and off the job to use it.

There are also jobs that require AHA CPR training, which include flight attendants, babysitters, sports coaches, nurses, firefighters, doctors, prison staff and lab technicians. Many parents now who hire babysitters are making it a requirement for the babysitter to take a CPR training course just as a means of safety.

CPR training is a positive thing to have on your resume. Even though it may not be a requirement for the job you are applying for, it shows you have a sense of responsibility to your fellow workers.

There are various levels of AHA CPR training, from just the basics up to the highly advanced AHA CPR training the EMTs and doctors are required to have.

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