Questions about Water Damage Repair in Big Lake

Having water damage in your home or business can be frustrating. When it’s an emergency situation, it can be even a bigger hassle. But it’s important to get something done about it. That’s why you need a qualified company that specializes in water damage repair in Big Lake to help. If you don’t understand how the process works, here are some common questions and answers that will help you have a better understanding.

How does the process of drying out an area work?

With most water damage jobs, there are two tools that are used – a dehumidifier and strong fan. The dehumidifier helps remove the moisture in the air, but it also helps dry out the carpeting and the furnishings in the area. The fan creates air movement so the moisture will begin to evaporate. Together, these two resources will help dry out the area.

How can you tell when everything is dry?

Companies that specialize in water damage repair in Big Lake have tools that are used to detect moisture. These tools can detect even the smallest levels of moisture. The crews are trained to use these detectors so they can tell when it’s time to remove the fans and dehumidifiers.

Will water damage affect my insurance premiums?

The answer to this question is between you and your insurance company. Most companies will not raise your rates as long as you have only made a minimal number of claims for the calendar year. Other companies might raise your rates or even cancel your policy if you have made any recent claims. You should check with your insurance agent to see what you can expect if you file a claim. You should also remember that it might be necessary to file a claim if the water damage is bad enough. Otherwise, you could be stuck with thousands of dollars in repairs.

What do I do with my damaged furniture?

There will be some cases when your damaged furniture is salvageable. In those cases, the crew from your water damage repair company will do what they can to make your furnishings look like they did before the water damage emergency. If the pieces are not salvageable, however, they will be set aside so they can be inventoried for the insurance company to help ensure you get reimbursed for those items. You should direct any questions about damaged furnishings to your insurance adjuster for a more accurate answer regarding your specific policy.

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