Questions to Ask a Parking Lot Pavement Exterior Contractor in Kansas City KS Before Hiring

The entrepreneur with the successful startup is excited about the new building, even if it’s somewhat small. Next on the list is hiring an exterior contractor in Kansas City KS to pave the parking lot with blacktop. This might not be essential, but the employees and the customers will appreciate pavement instead of gravel. Having never arranged for pavement installation before, this person has several questions for the contractor.


Probably the first question the person will want to know is the price for the paving service. Typically property owners call a few contractors to get estimates before proceeding.


The property owner may want to have lines painted on the pavement to mark spaces, preferred entry and exit points, and areas where vehicles should not be parked. Again, for a small business, this may not be required, but the owner believes the paint adds extra professionalism. The second question for the exterior contractor in Kansas City KS is whether they provide pavement painting services. Contractors providing commercial pavement installation generally offer paint service as well.

Landscape Protection

How will the technicians protect landscaping that has already been completed? Usually, landscaping should be left alone unless it is right next to the area where the lot will be constructed. If the property owner likes a certain tree or bush that has grown on the land naturally, the parking lot might be constructed in a way that can save that big plant.

Examples of Completed Jobs

Another question might be if the company can provide a few addresses of other paving jobs they have recently completed. This allows the prospective customer to take a look and determine whether the project was done satisfactorily. Reputable companies will have no problem with this request. The contractors will be proud to offer some examples of their excellent work.

Accreditation and Insurance

Additional questions for the contractor include whether the company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and can provide a copy of its liability insurance. The BBB accreditation also can be checked online for companies like Phillips Paving. Visit us online to learn more about this particular contractor.

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