Reason To Landscape with Florida Native Plants in St Petersburg, FL

Nowadays, landscapers are turning their focus from exotic plants to native plants. Reason? Native plants have many benefits, including low maintenance and environmental well-being. Here are top reasons why you should consider landscaping with Florida native plants in St Petersburg, FL.

Florida native plants are well adapted to the local climates. Unlike the exotic plants such as hibiscus, fox-tail fern, and white bird of paradise, the native plants stand a better chance of resisting the local weather.

Secondly, landscaping with Florida native plants requires little maintenance as compared to its exotic counterparts. These native plants are resistant to local diseases, pests, and environmental risks. Plus, they’ll grow faster to outdo weeds, which means less maintenance on your side.

Florida native plants exist in a wide variety of species, which include the following:

  • Silver buttonwood
  • Muhly grass
  • Silver saw palmetto
  • Sabal palm
  • Azalea native species
  • Coral bean
  • White peacock
  • Elliotts aster
  • And gumbo limbo tree, among others

Regardless of the species, however, growing them in your lawn or garden can significantly restore the natural habitat. These plants produce fruits, nectar, seeds, and nuts. These provide natural foods for birds and animals. More importantly, the native plants also have the tendency to spread their roots wide and firm. As such, they help preserve soil against flooding and erosion.

Lastly, Florida native plants do co-exist peacefully with their co-creations. Since they require fewer pesticides and fertilizers to thrive, these native plants cause little harm to the biodiversity.

If you need Florida native plants in St Petersburg, FL, feel free to contact Living Roots Eco Design, LLC. Also, you can visit their website to learn more about these unique plants.

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