Reasons to Attend Beauty Schools in Illinois

Seniors graduating from high school may not want to go to a full four-year college but still want some more education before getting into the work force. It may be the perfect solution is beauty school. Beauty schools in Illinois are for females and males alike wanting to make a career as a hair dresser, nail technician or an aesthetician.

Options in the Field

If you do not want a traditional 9-5 job, beauty school might afford this opportunity to you. You may even be able to open your own beauty shop and become a true entrepreneur with a lot of possibilities. If you do not want the responsibility of attending beauty schools in Illinois for the purpose of having your own business, you can often rent a chair in an existing beauty salon and work out with the owner to have your own clients and pay her a percentage. On the other hand, you may just want to do hair and nails on an hourly basis at a beauty shop. Those are the many options you have in this field.

Skills in the Field

In beauty school, you can learn how to do all types of hair treatments and design, which includes perms, styling, up-dos and different styles of cuts. You will be considered the professional for the treatment a client’s hair needs. The hair may be dry and need a series of moisturizing treatments, for instance. You will also learn how to do coloring and highlights, as well as special requests by clients who know exactly what they want.

You will also learn about nail care and how to give a full pedicure and manicure to your clients in beauty schools in Illinois. You will gain the skill of doing different styles of nails, such as the French, acrylic and nylon.

This may not be a standard in beauty schools in Illinois, but skin care may be included in some academia. Skin care involves the ongoing care of various types of skin, such as dry, oily and acne issues. This is, without a doubt, an excellent addition to the skills you can offer the marketplace. There are a variety of facial massages that can be included in this study as well.

While in beauty school, look for specialties that will give you an edge in the marketplace and would be an addition to what you can offer in the beauty shops you work in.

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