Reasons to Choose Spray Polyurethane Foam for Home Insulation

When choosing insulation for your home in Jackson MS, spray polyurethane foam, or SPF, is your best option. Here are a few reasons to consider SPF.

What is SPF?

If you’re unfamiliar with SPF, here’s a basic rundown. To put it simply, it’s a chemical compound that creates foam, which is then applied by professionals to create a solid barrier of insulation for your home. SPF can easily be applied to curve around corners and contours and creates an airtight seal. It also protects against moisture.


SPF benefits the environment–and also benefits your wallet. According to the American Chemistry Council, the largest waste of energy comes from the loss of cool or hot air through the structure of your home. Poorly insulated walls and roofs, or damages like cracks in windows or your home’s structure causes more strain on your HVAC systems and a higher electricity bill for heat and cool air. With SPF, you’ll avoid those high charges for what is essentially the replacement of wasted energy. As for the environment, using an effective method of insulation like SPF reduces the use of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels used to create energy.

Protect Against Water Damage.

The seal that SPF creates is also impervious to water, which prevents numerous types of damages that can befall your home as a result of cracks or holes in your walls. This also prevents the formation of harmful mold and mildew. And in the worst case scenario of flooding, SPF won’t absorb water.

Of course, SPF needs to be applied by a professional consultant. This ensures the safety and accuracy of the application. If you’re interested in saving money on your energy bills while helping the environment, ask your local insulation specialists in Jackson MS about the benefits of SPF for your home.

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