Reasons to Hire a Disability Attorney for Your Case

Have you been thinking of hiring a disability attorney in Maryville? If so, you have many good reasons, including the following five:

Improve the Odds

One of the main reasons that you should hire a disability attorney to help with your case comes right down to odds. The SSA, Social Security Administration, shows that only about 40 percent of all applications for SSDI, Social Security disability insurance, is actually approved. Why are 60 percent of all applications not accepted? Many times, it is because people do not know how to fill out all of the paperwork; it has to be perfect. An attorney can be sure this is not the case for you.

Talk to the Judge

The odds are much better at getting approved if you appear before an ALJ, administrative law judge, and by having an attorney by your side, these odds skyrocket.

Building Your Case

A disability attorney in Maryville knows exactly how to build a case for their client. They know what evidence is required, and what should be said during the hearing. Most applicants don’t have this knowledge, so it makes sense that many of these cases are denied. Most people only get one chance at this, so it’s important to make that chance count by hiring an attorney.

You Have Representation

Another reason to hire an attorney for this is because you will have representation. It is possible to represent yourself during an ALJ hearing, but again, things are much better when you have an attorney.

Easy Payment

Finally, since these attorneys legally must work on a contingency basis, you only pay them if you win. Then, their payment comes out of your award, so nothing could be easier than paying for this service.

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