Reasons to Learn Hebrew or Russian at a High School in Toronto, Canada

Canada high schools typically include French courses in the curriculum since both English and French are official languages in that country. The best high schools in Canada Toronto offer courses in other languages as well. Parents might wonder whether learning Russian or Hebrew would be a valuable skill for teenagers. Is there any practical reason to do so? Also, aren’t these languages more difficult for a native English speaker compared with European ones?

Enjoying the Challenge

It’s true that Russian and Hebrew are more challenging than French for someone with English as the mother tongue. Each has a different alphabet than the modern English version, which is a Latin alphabet. Nevertheless, students who enjoy taking on demanding subjects at the best high schools in Canada Toronto will find the learning process rewarding.

Reasons to Learn Russian

Young men and women may want to study Russian in college, so mastering the basics during high school gives them a head start. Many government agencies in North American seek workers who can read, write and speak that language. Other hiring opportunities are available with companies dealing in resources such as oil, natural gas, minerals and metal.

Reasons to Learn Hebrew

With Toronto having the largest Jewish population in the country, it’s no surprise that a private high school here would offer courses in Hebrew. Some students want to become more immersed in their Jewish heritage. They may be interested in reading the scriptures of Judaism in that language. In addition, Israel has become a powerhouse in science in technology.

For these reasons, parents should feel entirely comfortable with their teens signing up for coursework in either language.

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