Reasons to Seek Help with Estate Law in Sinking Spring, PA

Estate law in Sinking Spring, PA has to do with the organization and operation of an estate. To ensure any action taken is in line with current laws, it makes sense to seek help from an estate lawyer. Here are some of the more common reasons to seek advice from a lawyer before moving forward.

Structuring an Estate

The time has come to structure the estate so the assets are passed on to friends and relatives in the event someone‚Äôs death. Along with the last will and testament, there are bequests to consider, trusts to establish, and a number of other details to address. By consulting an attorney who understands estate law in Sinking Spring, PA, it’s possible to ensure no detail is overlooked in the estate planning.

Functioning As an Executor

A loved one has passed away and named the individual as the executor for the estate. Having never shouldered this type of responsibility before, it makes sense to seek help from an attorney. Questions about how to handle the sale of property and transfer the proceeds into trust funds, distribute belongings and other assets in accordance with the terms of the will, and even what to do with personal effects no one seems to want can all be addressed.

Stepping in When No Plans Are Made

A close relative died without leaving anything in place other than the last will and testament. Unfortunately, the terms of the will did not address the distribution of all assets and personal belongings. With no spouse or children to step in and take care of the matter, the relative wonders if it would be possible to be named executor and take care of the loose ends. An attorney can help the client assess the situation and determine what, if anything, can be done.

Whether the idea is to initiate estate planning or to carry out the wishes of a loved one, securing legal counsel is the only way to go. Visit today and arrange to discuss the matter with an attorney. Once the process is underway, it won’t take long to ensure every detail is addressed in a timely manner.

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