Reasons Why You Might Want to Seek the Assistance of a Disability Lawyer

When you file for Social Security disability benefits, you’ll either file for Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income or both. The reason you’ll file for both is in case you don’t qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, which would be the higher payment of the two. Whatever your situation, a top Missouri disability lawyer can help you. Here’s how.

Determine If You Qualify

A disability lawyer in Missouri will first help determine if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits. For example, if you haven’t worked nine out of the past 15 years, you may only qualify for Supplemental Security Income, which is like a welfare version of disability.

Assist With Paperwork

When you file for disability, you’ll be filling out forms about your medical condition, employment history, and current living situation. Because the initial paperwork is lengthy, your attorney or a company paralegal will help you fill it out over the phone. This will ensure the form is completed accurately, so your case doesn’t get disqualified.

Recommend More Documentation

Your disability lawyer in Missouri will always be looking for ways to strengthen your disability case. This may include suggesting that you get additional medical forms completed by doctors to substantiate your medical condition further.

Assist at Hearing

Disability lawyers in Missouri will assist clients at hearings, even if cases take three years for final decisions to be rendered. Before the hearing, your disability lawyer will tell you what to wear to the hearing and how to answer the judge’s questions. During the hearing, he will cite specific information from your medical files to convince the judge you can’t work.

The process for disability can be long and exhausting. It pays to have the top legal talent to help you throughout the process.

Grundy Disability Group LLC has been helping people win Social Security disability benefits and back pay for more than 12 years. To find out how Grundy Disability Group LLC can help you.

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