Reasons You Should Complete LPN Training in Chicago, IL

There are many interesting careers and paths to take when looking for a job. However, not all careers are in the same demand or even pay well. There are many things to consider when looking for a new career path or job. One career that seems to have it all is that of an LPN.

High Demand

Licensed practical nurses work under the direction of doctors, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals. LPNs perform a wide variety of tasks, such as injections, assisting with hygiene duties, changing dressings, clinical tasks, preparing patients for tests, administering medications and more. Great LPN training in Chicago, IL, allows students to leave feeling confident in these abilities. Overall, the demand for LPNs has increased and is still growing. With much of the population approaching a certain age, the need for people to help care for the elderly has increased.

Reasonable Training Time

Becoming an LPN can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time. LPN training can be completed in one year. Many other programs can’t be completed within one year, even as a full-time student. This time frame includes classwork, as well as training and practice hours.

Good Pay

Licensed practical nurses receive about $21.65 per hour, as listed as the median pay for 2017, according to the Occupational Handbook. This is reasonable pay considering how much of the population makes less money and for the length of LPN training in Chicago, IL. Additionally, there is much room for advancement with this type of degree, as well as great potential for an increase in salary.

Options for Jobs Placement

WIth this degree, there are many options for job placement. A licensed practical nurse can work in a hospital, a nursing home, an outpatient setting or even as a personal nurse after completing LPN training in Chicago, IL. A nurse is not limited to these places alone and can even become a practical nurse. With the wide variety of options, there should be a schedule that can fit all needs.

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