Remodeling Your Bathroom? Remember to Place Enough Accessible Outlets

Bathrooms often have fewer outlets than other rooms. The fact that bathrooms are wet often determines placement as well as the number of outlets it might have. Here are some considerations for the placement of outlets while undergoing bathroom remodeling in Fort Lauderdale.

Know the Code

were designed with safety in mind. Since bathrooms are wet, the code specifies the length between outlets and sinks or bathtubs. Luckily, the code is designed for the minimum, so they can be worked around. These are the basic rules:

• Any outlet must be GFCI or ground-fault circuit interrupters. These trip and disconnect power to the circuit if they sense a threat to the current like water. This is to prevent shock.
• An outlet must be placed three feet from the sink.
• An outlet cannot be placed above or three feet from the bathtub.
• Outlets may not be placed face up on the counter.
• Outlets must be on a separate circuit, so the lights won’t blow when an appliance is in use.

Your Power Needs

Technology has given us more small appliances and communications devices than ever before. Will you be watching your tablet while using your electric toothbrush? Will you be plugging in your shaver while answering your smartphone? You’ll need extra circuits if you want additional outlets.

Placement Ideas

Walls aren’t the only places to put outlets when you are bathroom remodeling in Fort Lauderdale. Consider charging your toothbrush in an outlet placed inside the medicine cabinet. Your hair straightener or dryer could remain plugged in an outlet inside of storage drawers. Make sure the cords can reach, so you can see in the mirror. You can camouflage outlets by placing them in the same direction the tile on the wall is going. You can also use mirrored faceplates in order to place outlets in the mirror.

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