Repairing oil fired furnaces

Many furnaces in the US are oil fired, they provide heat for the home and also hot water. The systems are pressure burners, oil is sprayed in a mist into a chamber where combustion takes place, the combustion is ignited by a spark, as the mist continues entering the combustion chamber; the furnace continues to put out heat.

An oil furnace is very complex and it is recommended that and furnace repair in Western Springs be done by an accomplished professional technician. The best the homeowner can hope to accomplish is changing the filters and make sure the motor belts are not worn and the switches are functioning as expected. All the other components; the nozzles, air tubes and transformer all require special tools and skills.

Because there is so little that the homeowner can do when it comes to Furnace Repair in Western Springs, his work is basically maintenance. Here are a few tips for maintenance that you can do.

1. During the heating season when the furnace is operating, go outside and look at the smoke coming from the chimney. If the smoke is black, the combustion of the fuel is not happening properly, call a service technician to repair the furnace.

2. Clean the blower prior to heating season and then again about half way through the season. If the motor has an oil cup or grease fittings, make sure to lubricate it. Proper lubrication is required for the motor bearings.

3. Make sure the thermostat sits level on the wall, clean any dust from inside and check for any loose wires.

How to clean the stack control:
The control for the stack is located on the stack, the pipe which runs from the furnace to the chimney. The stack control is a safety device which monitors the oil burner operation. For example, if the burner does not ignite, the stack control senses this and shots off the motor, however, at times a furnace malfunction can be the fault of the stack control itself.

If the burner fails to fire, check the fuel supply. If the tank is empty, then obviously it must be filled. If there is sufficient fuel, try to press the reset button on the front of the stack control, if the furnace still fails to fire, then the stack control will need cleaning, which is something that the homeowner can do. If, after the stack control has been cleaned and the furnace will still not fire, then you must call for Furnace Repair in Western Springs.

Although the homeowner can fix minor problems with the oil furnace, it is suggested that the unit be serviced at the beginning of the heating season, making sure that all the filters and belts are clean or new. Under these circumstances you should be in good condition, with no problems, right through the winter.

Paul’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. can provide professional oil furnace repair in Western Springs. The oil furnace is so complex, that calling for experienced, professional technicians will save time and money in the long run.

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