Repairing your windshield – the affordable alternative

It’s a scary moment – you’re driving along the Interstate or through the streets of Seattle and suddenly there’s a huge bang on your windshield. The truck or bus in front of you has just thrown up a cloud of rocks and they’ve smacked all over the front of your car, leaving you with a nasty chip out of the glass. When you’ve recovered from the shock, take a moment to reflect. It’s probably not that bad.

For a start, the windshield has done its job. If it hadn’t been there, those rocks would have ended up in your face. If all you’ve got is a busted windshield, that should be a big relief. And if the windshield’s still in one piece, then there’s a good chance it can be repaired. Repairs don’t take long, and they’re not expensive.

The most important thing to remember about repairs is this. The smaller the damage, the easier it is to repair. That sounds obvious, but don’t forget that cracks and chips tend to grow. The everyday stresses of driving, changes in temperature and humidity, and any unexpected jolts all add to the tension in the glass, and cause cracks to expand. What started off as a tiny crack of less than an inch can spread across your whole windshield in weeks, and then you will need to replace it, which is much more expensive. Dirt and rain water also gets into the cracks, so it’s harder to create an invisible repair, and you’ll always be left with a visible mark. So, as soon as you see any damage to your windshield, get it looked at right away by a professional. The longer you leave it, the more likely it is that it’ll grow into something that can’t be repaired.

In many cases, your insurance company will waive your deductible if you opt for a repair rather than a replacement. This means that there’s no cost to you – another incentive to deal with the problem right away instead of leaving it!

Repairs can usually be done in 30 minutes or less. The process involves using a special clear resin to repair the damage. Once it has dried, it is polished until the resulting surface is almost as good as new. And, of course, the same technique can be used on side windows and rear windows, not just the actual windshield.

A professional auto windshield repair service in Tucson will usually come with a 12-month guarantee. Check with your Seattle windshield specialist what guarantees they offer and ensure that you’re getting a long-term repair you know you can rely on. If you’re not happy driving your car to the repair shop, your Seattle windshield specialists should send a certified technician to you and they’ll carry out the repair or replacement at your home or office.

Dwight’s Auto Glass & Tint offers affordable windshield repair in the Seattle area. Call us today for more information on how repair may be a preferable alternative to replacement.

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