Replace Residential Windows In Lawrence, Kansas To Increase a Home’s Value

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Home Improvement

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One of the best home renovation projects for older residences is replacing Residential Windows in Lawrence Kansas. Kansas has a climate that is hard on home exteriors. The cold winters, hot summers, and wind storms tend to make exterior finishes and features such as windows, doors, siding, and roofs wear out faster. The new, energy-efficient windows are stronger and easier to keep up. They also save heating money and make homes more comfortable.

Window Replacement

Making windows do the best job of keeping the outside climate outside and the inside heated or cooled air inside depends on an expert installation. Windows that fit perfectly and are installed professionally will be more energy efficient and last longer. New windows are double or triple glazed with air between the layers for greater insulating value. They are made of materials that last longer and are easier to care for.

The window supplier should be able to match sizes and shapes of all the windows on the house. Older homes sometimes have a few irregular window sizes or oddly shaped windows that present challenges. But, residential windows in Lawrence Kansas are a great home improvement.

Repairing or Replacing Siding

At the same time the windows are being replaced, many homeowners choose to repair and paint or replace the house siding. The older wood siding, if of good quality, can often be scraped, repaired, and repainted. Siding that is just plain worn out or of poor quality can be replaced with new cement-based or high-quality vinyl siding. Cement-based siding has many advantages including energy efficiency and durability. As long as the windows are being removed and replaced, part of the work for replacing siding is done. These are two improvements that work well together.

When a home has new windows and new siding, it will almost look new and be worth a good deal more than a house with worn out siding and old, leaky windows. But, there are doors that may also have seen better days. As long as the house is torn up, why not also replace the doors? A house with a newly renovated exterior has definite curb appeal. When everything is expertly installed and coordinated, the home will look its best. For more information, please visit us.