Researched Benefits of Having Chiropractic Adjustments Done

Not only can a great chiropractor in Richfield, MN, help you with damage from trauma or poor posture, they can also help you protect your current state of health. A chiropractor can offer solutions for many neuromuscular diseases which other health professionals cannot. However, some people question the role a chiropractor can have on your health. These researched benefits will give you needed peace of mind.

Neurological Conditions

There is currently research being done through MRI scans that show how adjustments of the upper cervical area can actually have an affect on conditions of the brain. These scans have shown that after adjustment by a chiropractor, both blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid increase. In addition, there is evidence that brain plaquing and cerebellar invagination may be treated, as well. Another study shows that chiropractic treatment can help reduce seizures in epileptic patients.

Headache Treatment

Two of the most common issues that a chiropractor in Richfield, MN, will help with are migraine and tension headaches. Research shows that adjustments by a chiropractor can ease and prevent both of these types of debilitating headaches. One group trial indicated that nearly 25% of people saw their headache attacks drop by 90% and many also saw a decrease in the intensity of pain.

Lowering Blood Pressure

One of the world experts on hypertension, George Bakris, published a study that showed people who had a single upper cervical adjustment saw the same affect as those who took two different medications for lowering blood pressure. In addition, that same adjustment and its effects lasted over six months in total. There are other studies that show hypotensive patients saw a rise in blood pressure to a normal level after adjustment.

Neck and Lower Back Pain

When it comes to people who have neck pain, a study showed that 96% of respondents found that chiropractic care left them satisfied and an even larger number indicated they would seek out the treatment again in the future. In addition, those with chronic pain in the lower back found improvement and higher satisfaction when seeing a chiropractor when compared to those who saw only a family physician.

These are only a few of the research studies that prove chiropractic care is very real. If you are interested in learning more, you can count on Vibrant Life Center.

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