Residential Movers Offer Flexible Service Options in Charlotte, NC

A lot of planning is required when you are going to move. The tasks involve range from cleaning to packing to organizing to transporting the items to the new destination. Carrying out a successful move is a large project. Fortunately, professional movers provide an array of services to help make the work that goes into a relocation much easier. When deciding between residential movers, Charlotte, NC residential moving customers have options to consider based on the type of services they require. In general, many moving companies offer options regarding the flexibility they provide with their moving services.

Self-Service Moving Option
For customers who prefer to have more control of their items during the process, the self-service option is available. This translates into the customer performing the cleaning, disassembly, packing, and unpacking themselves. This type of service option can vary depending on the moving agency. With self-service moving, the mover may only be responsible loading/unloading and driving the truck. Or they may also handle organizing, partial packing and unpacking, specialty crating and packaging for fragile items. If you have extra time, you may want to choose the self-service option and possibly save some money if the company offers a discount.

Full-Service Moving Option
For those who simply do not have the time or do not wish to bear the burden of the above mentioned tasks, the full-service moving option is available. Residential movers that offer full-service moving will handle everything from A to Z – the list of services these companies provide can be quite extensive even beyond the basics of planning, packing, unpacking, etc. The range of services provided is designed to cover nearly every aspect of your relocation. Some of the services offered may include:

  • Asset management
  • Move-out and move-in cleaning services
  • Storage
  • Home theater stand mount disassembly and setup
  • Destination debris pick up
  • PC and network disassembly and setup
  • Valuation coverage
  • Claim assistance

You can certainly achieve a smooth relocation by having an array of these services at your disposal. However, regardless of the services you utilize, be sure to choose residential movers with a solid track record of performing relocations that are similar to yours.

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