Resolving Disagreements Concerning Major Facets of Divorce with Family Law Attorneys in Wichita

Divorce can certainly be a trying experience. There may be children’s lives to make adjustments to and support once relied on can be lost. All too often there are decisions made that everyone isn’t in favor of. A spouse may fight to have certain arrangements concerning divorce overturned before it’s finalized. The process of doing this can be very lengthy and complicated without the help of Family Law Attorneys in Wichita. They help get the requests of their clients awarded by the court.

Some marital issues that become a big problem in divorce are child custody and spousal support. Child custody is not as simple as who children live with. The parent a child lives with doesn’t mean that person has complete authority over important decisions made in their life. A non-custodial parent can share rights regarding a child’s method of education, religious teachings and the type of medical care received. When that right is given, the other parent cannot undermine the choices made for children. Child placement is different from child support as well. Child placement determines how much time is given for each parent to spend with children. Child placement gives the parent who doesn’t have primary custody the official right to spend time with children on a routine and frequent schedule. This is a legal order that states a parent is in the care of children at designated times. The other parent must comply to those orders.

Spousal support can be a major Issue in the process of finalizing a divorce. It can be that both don’t agree on how much and how long one should get in spousal support, or whether or not spousal support is necessary at all. Family Law Attorneys in Wichita can assess the family finances and individual financial position the spouses were in during the marriage. If they both have an occupation receiving gainful income, spousal support may not be awarded to anyone. If the earned income of each has not been reduced after marriage, the parent with primary custodial rights may receive child support, but not spousal support. Spousal support is usually awarded to one who cannot financially support his or herself alone after divorce. Financial support may be allotted over a given number of years. Contact The Law Offices of Todd Allison and Sarah Newell or their Google+ page to get answers to questions relevant to a specific case.

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