Responding to Racial Discrimination at Your Orange County Workplace

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Lawyer & Law Firm

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Discrimination in the workplace occurs in many forms. However, racial inequity continues to be one of the most common despite California enacting strong anti-discrimination laws. You can help enforce these laws by knowing how to recognize and report race discrimination on your job.

Another resource is to speak with experienced Orange race discrimination lawyers. They can help you understand how the law applies to your situation.

Identifying Acts of Race Discrimination

No employee should endure unlawful discrimination in the workplace. Generally, it happens when an employer takes an adverse action against someone solely based on his or her race. One example of this is learning that you are paid less because of your race and not job performance or education.

Another example is employee layoffs where most or all employees were of a specific racial group.

Gather Evidence Before Reporting an Incident

Knowing how to recognize and report race discrimination can help to strengthen your case. This involves gathering as much evidence as possible above before going to HR.

Start by writing down the date and time of what happened. Also, include the names of everyone involved as either a participant or witness. If applicable, keep any physical evidence until you can speak with a lawyer.

Get Legal Help with Your Race Discrimination Case Today!

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